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BB D.- Stockton, CA

Diamond Resorts Timeshare Review – Yelp Review

Diamond Resorts Timeshare

My husband and I couldn’t be more HAPPY with Diamond Resorts! For anyone that posts a negative review … You should know what you are getting into when going to the presentation … common, ITS SALES, that is how the business works. However they always reward you for your time and in my opinion it’s just how your approach it. If you agree to do it, don’t bitch about it. We have been owners of Polo Towers since 2003 and when they converted to the point system it TRULY was the BEST thing ever.

We have taken many vacations we never thought we would be able to afford. You need some computer skills (other than the ability to complain), you need to READ and LEARN how to best utilize your points. We take between 5-7 vacations a year and booking last minute allows us to do this and make the most of our points, like I said, never paying anything additonal. LEARN HOW TO WORK THE PROGRAM FOLKS!!

Thank you Steven J. Cloobeck for creating a great vacation program and you have made a good life for yourself learning from your training to be a surgeon. Helping people and knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life is the most important thing.

Happy Vacationing to all!!

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