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Valerie R. – Apache Junction, AZ

Diamond Resorts Timeshare Review – Yelp Review

Diamond Resorts Timeshare

I am basing this on what I have experienced with DRI so far, and I have been a customer for all of two weeks.  In all fairness, I think a lot of these reviews are either exaggerated or based on unrealistic expectations of uninformed customers.  When we accept a timeshare presentation invitation we have got to know upfront that
A) For $159, we are not going to be put up in a luxury hotel.
B) We are going to be subjected to a long and hard sales pitch and
C) Timeshares in general for the vast majority of us do not make a lot of sense.

Really, a 2 or 3 night getaway at a fairly decent hotel in a resort location along with a few nice freebies is worth the trouble of a timeshare tour, regardless of how gruelingly they try to pound into us why something that doesn’t seem reasonable, is in fact a good value.

That being said, I have found that everyone I have spoken to at DRI has been courteous and well intended, although there does seem to be some communication issues between the Sales, Finance and Reservation departments that they appear to be ironing out.  My salesman was a very nice person, and I want to believe that the guy who sold me the Sampler Package meant well, even though I believe that I was misled into thinking I only had to pay $349 down and that I could book right away; after all, I was still skeptical as I knew he was trying to close the deal.

In actuality, I had to pay $1,000 down (or make four monthly installment payments) and I was unable to book my reservation until two weeks later because they were still processing the paperwork.  If the salesman had been upfront with me about the amount of money required down and the amount of time it takes to close escrow, I could have avoided a great deal of inconvenience and disappointment.

I finally was able to book my vacation and am looking forward to it.  Overall my experience was satisfactory.  Currently I have full confidence that DRI will make it right for me, and that I will be going on a great vacation the first week in August, plus at least two more great vacations over the next 18 months.

I have worked in the Finance industry for 35 years, and my honest opinion of the Sampler Package is that it actually appears to be a fantastic deal.  The customer is getting a super great value, and the reasons I selected it are
A) I can take at least three vacations for the price of one with no maintenance fees or further obligation,
B) The concept is very easy to understand,
C) If I decide to move forward with an actual timeshare ownership, all of my payments go toward the equity and
D) I have access to all of DRI’s extensive list of deeply discounted off-season rates.

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